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Magnet Inc.

Volunteer to Make a Difference!


Want to volunteer now. You’ll be well rewarded if you donate your time and talent by hosting a home/online party.

Read the contact us and feedback page

on the left to register as a volunteer.

Call 10 friends and invite them to receive

"A Gift For You" listed below, for party fun, and to help the needy. Get free self-help guides that help you meet financial goals.

A Gift For You - Pledge Gift for Donation!


Today's planner forms

Mini-stationery note paper

Paper drink coasters

Paper budget forms

Printed shopping list form

Printed R. Coupon codes

Printed party holder instructions

Printed Community Day Event invitation

Supporters are always welcome to "A Gift For You" packet for each pledge donation. 

The first step to being a party holder is to contact us to reserve a party date and time. For questions about a party you are planning, hosting, or attending click here.