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Magnet Inc.

Volunteer to Make a Difference!

Conference Call

Telemarketer & Consultant Training

Program participants pledge or give an amount that will cover the cost of a coupon booklet and various money saving, three product sets we present semi-annually. Sets can be added to a party holder’s online or home party order. These calls help with telemarketer and consultant training.

Because several party guests are placing orders, with the same party holder, they must each be patient until order collection is complete before they get their orders.

Therefore, we provide convenient conference calls to give and get party order updates at 8:00 pm to 8:30 pm, Monday through Friday. The phone number and access code to dial and a telemarketing script are in our Yahoo Group website links section.

Members will get alerts from our Yahoo Group via special notices and by regular emails to notify them when to listen in on conference calls that have important news. Always be on time, and in even if there are no special notices.

Conference calls are for members to meet and add new callers to their referral lists. It’s easy to catch the latest money saving sales in case there is something is on sale that you need to buy. Recorded motivational pep talks can teach better skills, and are often played during calls.