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Magnet Inc.

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Pledges can get donors $50K-$100K!

"Quick $1K" is a gift that can immediately add up to $100K a year to your business or personal income. Other pledge gifts are:

* A multi products/services coupon booklet

* Product set of your choice

* $200 + Cash Bonus

See all pledge gifts here.

To start networking now and become a new Magnet Inc. member make a pledge here.

Sellers follow these Steps to Advertise Free:

  • 1. Donate any amount here
  • 2. Choose a Thank You Gift here
  • 3. Offer your own free product, service, or consultation as a gift. Contact Us here.
  • It's free advertising when donors receive your product or service as a gift from here and want to buy more.
  • Where to buy information is included with each Thank You Gift.