Magnet Inc.

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$30.00 Gift Card:

Merits and Benefits:

The Magnet Inc. gift card is good for:

  • One or more Stanley Home Product
  • One or more Fuller Brush Product
  • World’s Finest Chocolate Bars
  • Amway Products of your choice
  • Community Day coupon booklet(s)

Mix any combination of the above.

To see what coupon booklets contain, click this link.

Thank you for helping.

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Free watch, jewelry, or products with 6 Community Day coupon booklets:

Buy six Community Day coupon booklets with your gift card and get a free watch, other jewelry or products of your choice. Give or sell the coupons to people who want to save money and get $10.00 off a purchase at the store for donating $5.00. 

Free Shipping on Orders for $50.00 or more:

A list of all flavors of $1.00 - $2.00 World's Finest Chocolate bars is shown here.