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Magnet Inc.

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Job Description     

Accept the bonus offers from the member who referred you, or browse and randomly select 1 or 2 bonuses. There is a search box on top of Best Bank Bonuses, Promotions, Deals, Offers and Referrals' website here to search for and locate banks you prefer.

The last question on our survey is: "Who referred you to us." We need to know that so we can let them contact you to provide your free training. They will tell you what bank bonuses they want you to accept, but the final decision for which bank bonuses you apply for is always up to you.  

Get $450 + in bank bonuses, give $225 as a gift, make $100 per referral!

Refer new members who will agree to do the same, until you have 26 referrals to earn $50,000 annual work-at-home salary. Once you have 26 referrals, you'll be promoted from intern bonuses to a gift consultant position. You can qualify for up to $100,000 annual salary, based on your performance as you consult with the members you have already referred.