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Magnet Inc.

Volunteer to Make a Difference!

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Internships and Gift Consultant jobs are made available by our member sponsor.

To join Magnet Inc. visit us on social media and click the join button on top of the page. While you're waiting for your membership to be approved, write a introduction saying why you want to join. Briefly state how you heard about us and who referred you. To join now, click here.

Answer our brief survey to choose all the Thank You Gifts you want. If you prefer, you can get a 100% tax deduction equal to the amount of your pledge.

We listed numerous amenities and gifts in our survey to allow members to say yes to what they want in return for their pledges whenever they make a donations. Answer the survey by clicking the link here.

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Four ways to donate on this Website: 

Savings and Discounts: The Current BOGO includes products from four well known nationwide catalog shopping companies. To read or print information and a list of products click here.

Bank Bonus Referral: Go To: Get a $25 Bonus: Apply and Say Veronica Evans, Member# 3452167 referred me.

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