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Magnet Inc.

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Quick $1K - Video

  • Make Money
  • Go Shopping
  • Keep Your Receipts
  • Post Photos on Social Media
  • Network
  • Like, Comment on, Tag Photos
  • Take a Success Tour
  • Be a Online Consultant

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Networking can get members $50K - $100K!

To learn more join and download a "Quick $1K" eBook preview.

$20 book of coupons for multi products and services

$37 A cosmetics or cleaning products set,

$70 Coupon booklet, eBook, & product set,


$200 Cash bonus:

* Open a checking at 1st. bank get $150

* Open a checking at 2nd. bank get $50

* Refer up to 3 friends and family to do

the same and get a $200 Cash bonus for

each qualified person you refer

* Pledge $150 of the $400 or more Cash bonus

you will receive for making referrals, and

receive all Thank You Gifts + another gift.

* To get your Cash bonus, contact the member

who referred you, or to give the amount you

choose and get the gift(s) for it click here.

You can get both gifts and a Cash bonus anytime!