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Money Education that Won't Cost You a Dime

You are cordially invited to read the R. Coupons Newsletter that is a guide for how to earn, save, and wisely manage money, Join us in social media as you learn to improve your financial bottom line.

The R. in R. Coupons Newsletter is for Ronnie, and hopefully you will enjoy reading it. Free sales training is included so you'll get paid while you're steadily building wealth. Establish your solid network and customer base. Save money on almost anything you buy knowing a portion of proceeds from many purchases will be donated to Magnet Inc. Members get cash back, rebates, and bonuses that increase their income to help them pay bills, save, and nvest. Share our website where there's a link to subscribe to our newsletter and four ways to donate.

Ronnie E

Feature Story - Entertaining

and Informative Animal Stories

(Pet guinea pig beside pencils in a cup)

When I went out for a walk one morning I looked around, and at a distance I saw what I thought was the stray cat I'd seen before when it peeked out from behind a bush by my front door. This time it was down the street sitting on the sidewalk, and someone said softly: “Be careful, there's a dog out here.”

I wondered what they were talking about, until the animal that looked like a small cat because it was far away came toward me and I saw it was a dog. Ordinarily I like dogs, and think most small dogs are cute, unlike large stray ones. I realized it was that dog the person said was out there and meant I should beware of.

I went back in my house, reported the stray cat and dog to animal control as someone advised me to. Then I went out for my walk after the dog left. My family has had pets through the years, including cats, dogs, and guinea pigs that were fun to have around and to be responsible for.

It might be fascinating for readers to know something about some of my family pets and the corresponding zodiac meaning of the same or similar animals in the Chinese new year. Interestingly enough, the dates of Chinese new years fall in the exact same order as when my family had our pets.

One of the first pets our family had was a dog we found outdoors, and 2018 was the Chinese year of the dog. Chinese Zodiac Dog Traits, Personality & Characteristics: In the Chinese symbols it is The Dog which represents courage, loyalty and unusually high moral character. So it is no surprise the Chinese Zodiac Dog is always on the lookout for ways to be of service to friends and family. (1)

Pick People Well - Article Category: Communications and Social Skills

Every day you choose people. Some of these people may be an employee, a babysitter, a plumber or a love interest. Chances are you were not aware of all the tools available to you to help you make the best choice. This article, written by a trial attorney, takes you step-by-step to making good decisions that will positively impact you, your family or your business.

"Each day brings new choices."

Martha Beck

Before there were e-readers, I looked for the books. When we choose jurors for trials, over fifty people stream into the courtroom and take their seats for voir dire. This is when lawyers get to learn a little bit about the jurors, ask them some questions, and then pick our people. It's the only time lawyers get to ask questions of jurors, which is how we choose our jury. Most of my cases have been tried in Philadelphia, and there the jury selection process is short.

We have four to eight hours to try to measure a person's heart and mind and decide whether or not he can be fair to our side. It's our only chance to listen to the jurors, before they have to spend days, weeks, or more listening to us. There is never enough time, and every bit of information helps. The book a juror brought with her to jury selection answered some of my questions, so I could use our limited time together to ask others. While it's true that you can't judge a book by its cover, I often did judge a juror by her book. If she was reading John Grisham, she'd want to serve and may think she knew the law as well as the lawyer. If she was  

Sales Training Commentary

Feasibility studies and research revealed that networkers must consult with each other on a regular basis to succeed at building positive, long term relationships. This newsletter will put the skill and ability to build such long term relationships within reach of each subscriber. When a member establishes their network consisting of themself and five peers who jointly collect a $500 fundraising order, they can increase their income and build wealth

Ronnie Evans, Magnet Inc., Development Director

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